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Everything About RVing: Tips for RVing with your dog

From the bloggers at Everything About RVing:

One of the facts of life inherent in RVing is the need for climate control in the vehicle, and when accompanied by pets, it is imperative that cooling systems, especially, not fail when the vehicle is parked. Even the best maintained systems can hiccup; generators can lay down, and that can be fatal for a pet left in the camper while the rest of the family is away.

You can safeguard your traveling companion with an alarm system that plugs into the cigarette lighter, designed to send a call to a designated cell phone number or even a two-way radio if the temperature rises above or falls below a margin you set as your safe climate zone for your pets.

Most will continue to alert you at intervals of two or three minutes until the temperature is stabilized within acceptable levels once again. An additional measure is to place an emergency rescue sign in a prominent window of your RV, letting anyone assisting in an emergency know there are pets that may be in need of rescue as well as what kind they are.

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