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Everything About RVing: The benefits of traveling light

From the bloggers at Everything About RV.

When the kids were little, it seemed that everything required extra effort; changing clothes, eating, cleaning up, sleeping and of course—starting all over again the very next day.

Though it took monumental planning and patience, the kids made it along on many family RV trips, but the process was sometimes exhausting, what with portable cribs, naps, diaper bags and of course, that all-important first aid kit.

Now that those child rearing days are in the past and the kids have grown and flown the coop, what is the best way to dust off that RV and take advantage of those weekend getaways? Travel light.

Less is more: you know the old adage here. The less you bring along, the less mess to clean up and to put away when you return home late Sunday night.

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