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Everything About RVing: How do I improve Wi-Fi reception in my RV?

From the bloggers at Everything About RVing.


When we go to our campground membership resort we have poor reception or signal in our trailer. Is there anything we can do to make it better or to buy. Quite frustrating as I have set up computer with recipes I want to use camping and I can’t see..


I feel your pain and so do a lot of other RVers. Staying at a campground that provides free Wi-Fi is great except when you are too far away from the Wi-Fi transmitter. First you need to understand that Wi-Fi is nothing more than a low powered radio station that sends and receives your data via radio waves just like the ones used by Radio and TV Stations Except they are transmitted at a lot lower power.

Even if the RV Park has a lot of WI-Fi Repeaters (range extenders) throughout the park, you still may not receive a good enough signal to swiftly browse your Camping Recipes.

The Solution

Believe it or not there is a relatively simple and cost effective way to greatly improve the Wi-Fi reception in your RV by using a Wi-Fi Reception Booster such as the Etekcity High Power 300M USB Wireless 1000mw Wifi Network Adapter with Dual Antenna. The Etekcity uses two antennas and an amplifier to receive and improve the Wi-Fi signals your computer receives. It plugs into and is powered by your computers USB port. It is highly rated by it’s users and the even better news is that this unit costs less than $20.00.

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