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Airstream arctic testing

Even Airstream does Arctic Circle testing

From the bloggers at AutoBlog:

Spy shots come frequently from the arctic showing auto engineers testing vehicles from all over the world. The frigid temperatures and slippery conditions there offer the perfect opportunity to put a future product through its paces. The models aren’t usually hauling a 27-foot-long Airstream camper, though.

Land Rover did just that for a test of the Range Rover Sport Hybrid. A team from the company took one of the luxury, electrified SUVs to Airstream Europe headquarters in Mengerskirchen, Germany.

During the trek, Land Rover claims the truck and trailer encountered gale-force winds when crossing the five-mile-long ├śresund Bridge and saw temperatures reach -8 degrees Fahrenheit at some points.

To read the full story at AutoBlog, and see how the Land Rover held up to those conditions, click here.


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