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Escaping the confines

Every once in a while I feel like the walls of the RV are closing in on me. When that happens, I know the perfect cure — escape and explore!

Norm and I spent a few days playing tourist and had a good time in the process. These are some of our recommendations if you ever get the opportunity.

We relived the legend of Dodge City, Kansas, when we toured Boot Hill Museum. Do you know why it’s called Boot Hill? I didn’t know until our visit.

Legend says the dead were buried in shallow graves, still wearing their cowboy boots. No one famous was buried at Boot Hill Cemetery, but it’s an interesting place to visit. It was also here that we experienced what it would feel like if we were in the midst of a buffalo stampede.

The creators of the display used technology to make the walls resound with the thunder of hooves while the floor vibrated with the sheer power of the massive beasts. I was transported to another world through the experience!

After Dodge City, we made our way to Hwy. 54 to Meade, Kansas, where we visited the home of Eva Dalton Whipple, sister to the infamous Dalton Gang. After the Whipple family departed Meade, a crude tunnel of dirt and beams was discovered leading from the house to a barn below, the means by which Eva’s outlaw brothers came and went undetected by the prying eyes of neighbors and the law.

Now, the house has been restored and the tunnel improved so visitors can walk where Bob, Grat and Emmett Dalton walked.

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We could not leave Kansas without skipping down the Yellow Brick Road to see good and bad witches, munchkins, winged monkeys, Dorothy, Toto, Scarecrow, Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion.

Dorothy’s House and the Land of Oz is located at 567 Cedar Street in Liberal, Kansas. Also housed at that location is the Coronado Museum which is the historical museum in Liberal.

The outside activities — the playground and Dorothy’s replicated house — is in a state of disrepair and a bit cheesy, but the historical museum is well maintained and enjoyable. We were happy to find out there is a local Eagle Scout that is in the process of fundraising to restore the outdoor area.

We left Kansas and all it had to offer and continued back to our winter home in Organ, N.M. We made a detour at White Sands National Monument to enjoy the beauty and serenity of the white dunes.

The ever changing white world reminded this Wisconsin girl of a winter wonderland I would see in the north. I was so intrigued with the majestic beauty of the dunes, I returned the very next day for more hiking and photography.

The few days of playing tourist cured my cabin fever and it felt good to return to the confines of the RV; after all, it is my home on wheels. I challenge you to escape the confines of your walls when they start closing in. Explore the attractions I mentioned, or find others wherever you are wintering.

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