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eHow: How to fix a tear in canvas on a pop-up camper

From the bloggers at eHow.

A pop-up camper can help provide a fun and easy camping experience. They are often durable and easy to set up and clean. However, there is nothing fun about a pop-up camper with a tear in the canvas. A tear in your pop-up camper makes you vulnerable to insects and rain water. To avoid sleeping in wet conditions with a ton of mosquitoes, keep your camper in good condition. Fortunately, fixing a tear in the canvas of a pop-up camper is a simple process. All you need is a tent repair kit and two hours.

1. Remove the canvas and place it on a work table. Spread the canvas out so that it stretches across the surface of the table. You want to situate the tear so that it can be easily sewn together. Clean the area with a damp cloth and let it dry.

2. Sew the tear in the canvas using the needle and thread from the repair kit. Start at the top of the tear and sew the flaps together while moving downward. Keep your stitches no more than 1/3 inch apart.

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