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Ecocamel Orbit: A British solution to great showers

Lots of water, less noise
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$59.95 to $99.95
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One of the leading RV shower heads in Great Britain, Ecocamel is bringing their unique shower technology to the United States with the Orbit model. The shower head easily replaces any other shower head by screwing off the old device and replacing it with the new one.

The device has built in "aircore technology," which draws air in through intakes and mixes it with water. This works to increase shower pressure. However, the device is much quieter than other shower heads I have used, like the Oxigenics.

The large round opening for water output creates a nice wide stream of water, similar to what I enjoyed in a home shower. I was able to go 10 days without dumping the gray water tank, which indicated that it lived up to its promise of saving water, too.

Cleaning the shower head is easy. Simply run your thumb along the nozzles to remove any built up scaling, or soak the device in vinegar for a few hours if the build up is really bad.

You won't be able to direct the flow of water as well with the Orbit as you could with the Oxigenics, but if you like standing under a nice stream of hot water, you'll love using the Orbit shower head.

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  • Easy to install. Simply unscrew the old shower head from the line and screw in the Orbit.
  • Very quiet
  • Nice, steady pressure creates a wonderful wide stream of cascading hot water
  • Halo shaped head uses 10 clusters of spray nodules to ensure an even spray.
  • Uses less water. I can go at least 10 days before dumping the gray water tank


  • Harder to direct the flow of water because of its wide head design. You are limited to a wide flow pattern, not a concentrated stream.
  • Currently available only online until more U.S. dealers learn about the advantages of the Ecocamel.

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