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Earth 911: Tiny house living — big questions to consider first

From the bloggers at Earth 911.

In the last few months, as I began my journey towards embracing the minimalist lifestyle, eliminating the clutter and keeping only the essentials, I became fascinated with the tiny house concept so much so that I hope to one day become a self-proclaimed expert on this alternate housing choice. Even more importantly, I want to understand the current laws and regulations so I too can one day take part in this movement.

Tiny house or tiny headache?

While the tiny house model is not brand new, it is still a novel lifestyle choice. And although this is not for everyone, it is no longer just for the young and single. These days, families of all sizes and ages are starting to consider this as an alternative. There has been a major uptick for the 55+ age group who are looking to do more in their sunset years.

Building a tiny home might be a huge undertaking, but living legally in one might prove to be even more difficult. In some situations, current housing regulations and laws do not apply to these small structures and trying to figure out towns ordinances not only be tricky but downright fuzzy.

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