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Earth 911: These tiny homes let you truly ‘escape the ordinary’

From the bloggers at Earth 911.

The tiny home and portable home movement is no longer just a fad. More and more people are seeking a simpler – and perhaps less expensive – way of life. Downsizing your dwelling isn’t just a great way to reduce your environmental impact, it also can cut down on your expenses, such as heating and cooling, mortgage, insurance, etc.

Tiny homes aren’t always easy to find, and when you do find them, they’re not always eco-friendly. Sure, they are all smaller, which means less energy used and materials consumed. If you’re looking for solar power, composting toilets and other eco-friendly green living features, though, you might have to hunt a little harder.

Until now.

The Escape Homes line of tiny homes that are transportable blends modern design, sustainable features and a forward thinking vision to appeal to the fast growing demand for tiny homes.

To read the full story by Earth 911, click here.

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