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The Drive: The Winnebago Vista LX 35B is a rolling palace

From the bloggers at The Drive

Everyone should drive a recreational vehicle at least once in their life. Even better if it’s a big, honking one—say, over 35 feet long. You need to feel the heart-stopping, pupil-dilating terror that immediately sets in when you climb into a captain’s chair, wrap your hands around a tiller the size of a pizza, and cautiously wallow your way around America’s highways. You need to do this for two reasons: First, you’ll have greater compassion and understanding for anything on the road bigger than a car; second, when your panic eventually subsides, you’ll have a helluva good time.

I speak from both experience and, until very recently, lack thereof. Having never driven a motorhome despite lusting after one the better part of a decade, the kind folks at helped put me behind the (very large) wheel. The mobile mansion? A Winnebago Vista LX 35B, a $152,000, two-bathroom behemoth that could sleep seven. The destination? Watkins Glen International raceway for the penultimate IndyCar series race over Labor Day weekend.

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