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Donated Products

In doing product reviews, LetsRV reviewers often buy the products themselves and judge them based on their own experiences. However, occasionally companies will supply a product to LetsRV rather than requiring the website to purchase the product. This allows LetsRV to complete more product reviews than it could if money had to be raised to acquire the product.

However, the presence of a free product does not influence the rating and review compiled by our professional editors in any way — and the companies offering the products fully understand our policy.

If the donated product is determined to be so bad that it would likely result in a very negative review, the reviewer will generally offer advice to the company on what needs to be fixed to make the product useable, then encourage the firm to submit it to LetsRV again with the bugs worked out. This is done as a courtesy to company looking for independent, third-party reviews before products are officially launched on the market. It is only fair that such products not be formally reviewed when they aren’t yet available to the public — nor is it fair to post a review of a “beta” product that is likely completely different from the final version.

Sometimes the products are returned to the company after the review process is completed. Sometimes the cost to return the products to the company exceed or match the product’s value. In those cases, the company allows the reviewer to keep the product. However, if special installation is required, the reviewer most often keeps the product.

If installation is required, LetsRV generally pays to have it professionally installed — just as an RV user would. Sometimes, the company offers to install the product for the reviewer — or pays to have it installed — to ensure that it is working to the company’s standard before the review is performed.

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