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Do It Yourself RV: The perfect table – customizing your camper

From the bloggers at Do It Yourself RV.

Our Roadtrek friend Sharon stopped by today with her 2013 Roadtrek 190 Popular. We first met her over a year ago when she was in town visiting her sister. We had previously known her only through the Yahoo Roadtrek email list. We had compared notes and showed each other our Roadtreks. We talked about all we had learned in our years of Roadtrek ownership. Her Roadtrek was only six months old at that time, while ours was pushing 20 years.

Sharon had now spent over 390 days on the road over the last two years.  She had learned much since our last visit and had reconfigured her storage several times.  “One thing stuck with me since my last visit,” she said, “you said that everything needed a storage space so it didn’t have to be moved around.”  She went on to describe the changes she made to get to that point.  Her Roadtrek was neat and well organized.  And she had made some decorating changes with new custom curtains.  It was very uncluttered and homey inside.

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