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Do It Yourself RV: The cost of full time RV living

From the bloggers at Do It Yourself RV.

Everyone who wants to hit the road wonders what full-time RVing costs. A revealing full-timers survey conducted by Jon and Erin McCartie of Take Me On Adventures shows that the RV lifestyle can be more affordable than most people think.

Nobody talks about what full-time RVing costs

If you shy away from talking about your income and expenses, you’re not alone. When was the last time you had a conversation with RVers about what full-time RVing costs, who spends what and how often? It’s a tricky subject to discuss with others, says Jon.

“I think talking finances with people is very taboo in our society. Budgets are based on your income, and no one wants to tell anyone how much money they make. ‘If I make more than you, will you treat me differently? If you make more than me, will I be jealous and see you differently?’ I normally never broach the subject with people until we’ve reached a deep level of friendship and we can both trust that the information won’t change our relationship,” he explained.

To read the full story by Do It Yourself RV, click here.

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