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Do It Yourself RV: The camper-boat hybrid sails again

From the bloggers at Do It Yourself RV. 

Finding a vintage camper that doubled as a house boat isn’t so easy today. Only a few models were made, and most succumbed to the elements long ago. After all, water damage is enemy number one for vintage campers (or any RV).
Vintage Terra Marina campers doubled as house boats.

The classic Aqua-Trail “Terra Marina” was only in production for one year, from 1969-1970, and only 35 were ever made. This camping trailer doubled as a house boat, and was completely self-contained, to make towing it or rowing it a breeze.

Pontoons concealed behind access panels slid out for buoyancy, and the “boat” would be launched for a day at the lake. After your fun on the water, you’d tow it back to dry land for a night of camping.

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