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Do It Yourself RV: Luxury tiny homes coming to RV park

From the bloggers at Do It Yourself RV.

Great news, Michiganders! The northern RV resort Traverse Bay is now planning to devote a space entirely to premium small cabins that can provide you a comfy, one-of-a-kind residence.

This new area will include 81 amazing “park model” homes that all fit the State’s requirements for an RV park, built by a small Wyoming company, Wheelhaus.

The tiny 400-square-foot homes won’t exactly be easy on your wallet, however – starting out at a whopping $129,000! You can purchase an additional studio shed for another $9,000, and the buildings will be located on a 5,000 to 13,000-square foot lot that can be leased for up to 15 years for $450-$500 a month.

Wheelhaus was selected specifically because the high-end finishes and roofs they offer have been known to withstand higher snow loads than most typical park homes. With an ideal location next to the Grand Traverse Resort Spa and Casino, you’ll have access to the clubhouse, pool, spa, tennis courts and fitness center.

To read the full story by Do It Yourself RV, click here.

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