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Do It Yourself RV: Improve RV safety with a tire pressure monitoring system

From the bloggers at Do It Yourself RV.

Upon visual inspection of the four tires on a passenger car, it will be pretty apparent if a tire is flat, or extremely low. But with the rear tires on an RV, you could look directly at a tire with no air in it and have no idea there’s a problem. Even if you’ve checked your tire pressures before starting out for the day, a leak that develops underway may not be discovered until a tire is dangerously low, or actually fails.

Under-inflation is the easiest way to kill a tire. It can cause excessive sidewall flexing, which can lead to overheating, potentially resulting in a blow-out.

Towing a car behind a motorhome, or a trailer behind a pick-up truck, further increases the likelihood that a low or flat tire will go undetected until it fails completely. A back-up camera is unlikely to provide enough of a view to help. If you do have a flat, you should consider yourself lucky if your first indication is from another driver waving frantically at you to pull over. The alternative could easily be considerable damage to your RV or toad, pieces of disintegrating tire endangering vehicles behind you, or an accident caused by loss of control.

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