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Do It Yourself RV: Essential tips for camping in bear country

From the bloggers at Do It Yourself RV.

Bears, when left alone, can be fun to watch. Check with local rangers about their recommendations for where bears can be seen safely. Take a zoom lens. If, for any reason, the bear seems uncomfortable with your presence, it’s best to quietly make your exit and move away from their area.

Never attempt to feed them, or draw them nearer. Even seemingly docile black bears are massive and unpredictable when provoked.

Campgrounds in bear country are typically equipped with bear resistant trash bins. The trash goes in, but the bears can’t get it out. This helps with one major issue, but campers are notorious for thinking that putting the food “away” is enough.

If bears can smell it, they may attempt to get to it. At the very least, any food not being currently eaten should be stored inside your vehicle, or hard-sided RV. In heavily bear populated areas, parks often offer bear proof food storage for use by campers. If they do, use it!

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