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Do It Yourself RV: Avoid common RV accidents

From the bloggers at Do It Yourself RV.

Have you ever spotted a large vehicle with body damage low down on the right side, in front of the rear tires? There’s a reason that’s such a common point of impact.

Beware of off-tracking and rear overhang swing

When driving in a straight line, the rear tires follow the same path as the front tires. But when you drive around a corner, the condition called “Off-Tracking” causes the rear wheels to follow a substantially different path.

At the same time the rear wheels are off-track, the Rear Overhang pivots around the drive axle in the opposite direction. Both of these situations cause some of the most common accidents that RVers, and drivers of other large vehicles, experience. The video below clearly demonstrates how and why this happens.
Tips From a Professional Motor Coach Operator and Safety Training Manager

As is typical with pre-retirement-age full-timers, I have a “past life” working more traditional non-mobile jobs. In one of those previous lives, I was both a professional driver and driving instructor.

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