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Do It Yourself RV: 7 tips for RVing as a couple

From the bloggers at Do It Yourself RV.

There’s nothing that tests a relationship more than spending 24 hours a day together in a small space. Add in the inevitable stressful moments that come from breakdowns, wrong turns, and constantly adjusting to new places, and even the most compatible couples are bound to encounter some challenges when traveling together in an RV for an extended amount of time.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t work, and work well. My husband and I have been traveling together full-time for over three years in a 25’ trailer and I can honestly say that our relationship now is stronger than ever.

Along the way we have learned some things. Things about maintaining harmony while RVing as a couple and enjoying each other. If you and your partner are thinking of hitting the road, here are a few bits of advice to take into consideration.

1. Don’t Stay Angry

Even the most well suited couples fight on occasion. Sometimes it’s about little things like those damn dirty socks that are on the floor again, and sometimes it’s about big things like getting us hopelessly lost in the middle of a rainstorm and refusing to pull over.

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