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Do It Yourself RV: 5 things you must have for camping when it’s raining

From the bloggers at Do It Yourself RV.

Whether you live in an area that rains often or you get caught in unexpected precipitation while out camping, it can completely change the atmosphere of your entire trip. Since there’s nothing more downing than getting drenched, you’ll definitely want to be equipped with these 5 essential items:

1. Tarps

If you’re camping out in a tent, tarps can be a saving grace from insane rainfall. You may want to bring some twine or rope as well, and also possibly some stakes to set up a canopy. With so many great options on the market, it can be difficult finding the tarp that’s just right for you! REI has a solid selection whether you’re sleeping all alone or with a large group. Or this one from Kelty promises quick setup.

2. Plastic sandwich and trash bags

These can be remarkably handy for protecting all of your items from water damage. They’re extremely cheap – especially store brands – and don’t take up a lot of room in your bag. You may not be able to re-use them like you can with dry bags, but plastic ones are ideal for single ventures. Plastic Rubbermaid containers are another great waterproof item to have for storing your things!

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