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Do It Yourself RV: The caravan has arrived

From the bloggers at Do It Yourself RV.

After Thursday’s hiking marathon, we needed a day to rest. So other than doing a few buckets of laundry, we spent much of yesterday just relaxing. In fact, we never left the RV Park.

And then of course we were expecting visitors. Lots of visitors!

Around 2:30 p.m., they arrived. Ten RV’s, traveling in a caravan. We were looking forward to meeting this group of people who have been together since Jan. 9.

And now, we get the pleasure of leading the group through a fantastic part of Mexico over the next four weeks.

As expected, it’s a pretty varied group of RV’s, although most of the rigs are quite large. They range in size from a 22′ class B van to a 42′ fifth wheel trailer. Most of them are larger motorhomes.

We enjoyed meeting everybody, but after that we had some work to do while the rest of them were having happy hour. This will be our first time leading a caravan group, and although we’re confident of the routes and our ability to get them safely through Mexico, there were still quite a lot of procedures that we had to go over with Paul the guy who has been leading themĀ  since they crossed the border at Nogales, Arizona on January 9th.

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