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Do It Yourself RV: Man travels in a $500 homemade truck camper

From the bloggers at Do It Yourself RV.

Joseph “Joe” Chavez recently left his home in Maine to go on a cross country trip in his wooden “tiny house on wheels.” His homemade truck camper was built on a 2000 Ford Ranger and was mainly constructed from recycled materials. The little camper took about a month to build and cost about $500. The camper has standard 2×4 framing and an ingenious pop-up roof made with two poles and Tyvek house wrap in lieu of canvas.

Joe designed and built the camper instead of purchasing a trailer or RV. He already owned the truck (and some random materials) and wanted to stay small to be able to fit into any parking space or parking garage.

In an attempt to make a cozy space, his camper has a bed, a thick rug, several windows with curtains, a skylight, a closet and a bench with storage underneath. Christmas lights are used for light and ambiance. Joe’s “backyard” of the trailer is made from two old skateboards and has classic, perpetually green Astroturf.

To read the full story by Do It Yourself RV, click here.

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