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Do It Yourself RV: 2 towing gadgets make it easier to tow gooseneck

From the bloggers at Do It Yourself RV.

Do you tow a trailer? No matter what kind of trailer you haul, you’ll want to check out these cool towing gadgets showcased at this year’s SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Both of these towing products will make your life much easier when you’re moving stuff from Point A to Point B!

Towing gadget number 1: Quick release gooseneck ball

Gooseneck hitches have a hitch ball that allows for a tighter turning radius. Because they’re mounted to the middle of the truck bed, a gooseneck hitch allows the trailer to move in more directions than other hitches.

As a bonus, gooseneck hitches take up a lot less room in the back of a pickup truck. Not bad for a Class V towing hitch that is rated for up to 17,000 pounds gross trailer weight.

But ask any horse owner or a rancher with a gooseneck trailer and they’ll tell you, when you want to use your pickup truck’s bed for something other than towing a trailer, removing the ball from the bed of a truck is a pain. Usually it requires you to shimmy underneath the truck and pull a handle near the wheel well in order to release the ball.

But now there’s no need to get dirty crawling underneath your truck. The new quick release gooseneck hitch ball made by Curt Manufacturing lets you pull the ball out while you’re standing in the bed of the truck. Just flip up the tab, turn 90º and lift out the ball.

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