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Do It Yourself RV: 10 hunger-busting healthy road trip snacks

From the bloggers at Do It Yourself RV.

There’s something about a road trip that makes me hungry. It makes no difference whether I’ve eaten recently or not. Inevitably an hour or so into any road trip I’m craving something to snack on. As full-time RVers we do a lot of road tripping, which means for the sake of my health and waist line it’s important that I find a way to satisfy my snacking urge with simple, healthy road trip snacks.

Over the years, I’ve developed a collection of go-to heathy snacks that I make sure we always have on hand before setting out on a drive. These snacks range from simple homemade trail mix to even simpler store bought granola bars.

So the next time you take a road trip, skip the convenience store or drive-thru and pack yourself a few of my 10 hunger busting healthy road trip snacks.

1. Energy bites

These tasty bites of goodness are a little sweet, a little crunchy, packed full of healthy ingredients, and incredibly satisfying. I make a few versions of these energy bites, but my current favorite combines peanut butter and chocolate for a sweet and nutty road trip snack.

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