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Digital Trends: These homes are luxe, $75,000, and tiny

From the bloggers at Digital Trends.

Your home my be the size of a dorm room, but that doesn’t mean it has to feel as dreary and impersonal as one. That’s the idea behind Tiny Heirloom, a Portland, Ore.-based company that makes luxury tiny homes you can transport on wheels.

Starting at $75,000, the structure comes with granite countertops, an option for bamboo flooring, in-house speakers, LED lighting, stainless steel appliances, a combo washer and dryer, a basic wind or solar package, and shipping. From there, you can upgrade to a bigger bathroom or more spacious kitchen.

To make life as easy as possible once you’ve moved in, you don’t need to be hooked up to a sewer system. Instead, you can use a compostable toilet or a black water tank. Empty the tank once every two months or the compostable toilet every three months. To go further off the grid, you can get your electricity from a battery, wind, or solar power.

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