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Digital Trends: Garmin RV 660LMT review

From the writers at Digital Trends.

Stranded RV’s stymied by a low-slung covered bridge are a regular sight in my neck of the woods. Most are victims of navigation programs that fail to account for the special needs of highway caravans, which is where Garmin’s $330 RV 660LMT comes in. It’s designed to address the particular needs of RV owners. Unfortunately, the RV 660LMT delivered mixed results in our road trips.

The 660V has a 6-inch touch screen and includes a solid suction mount that remained steadfastly affixed to the test vehicle’s windshield for hundreds of miles. A 12-volt car adapter cord is included, although it doesn’t include an extra USB plug (something I find helpful given the limited number of plugs for charging in most vehicles).

Owners can select the size and type of vehicle being driven, such as a motor home or trailer, so that the 660 will base its routes on the specific RV. The idea is to avoid roads with height and weight restrictions that may not otherwise apply to smaller cars and SUVs. The 660LMT will also warn you of sharp curves and steep grades that may prove problematic for big Winnebagos and oversized motor coaches.

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