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The Palms parked across from the house

Dewell Designs: San Diego visit, now back in Hot Springs for brief stay – Part 1

From the bloggers at Dewell Designs.

Katie and I drove to San Diego for my annual medical, vision and dental appointments.  All the appointments were done in two days, except for my annual physical.

After my dental appointment on Tuesday morning, we headed for my son, Tom and DIL, Trish’s house in Carlsbad to visit with them and their kids, Kennedy, Gavin and Graydin.  Then on Friday, my daughter, Kristy and SIL, Matt arrived with their kids, Drew and Lauren.  We had a full house, with lots of good food, five grand kids going a mile a minute, and Katie and the resident dog, Jagger, getting along great.  It was a really nice visit.  Katie loved it so much, she didn’t want to go back to The Palms when I put her on a leash to walk over and get something.  No way was she leaving all the fun.  She sure has changed since our first year on the road.

I parked across the street from Tom and Trish’s house, like I did last year.  They are on a curve, so I can’t park in front of their house, but the neighbor across the street is on a corner, so parking along the fenced side of his house is my best place.  Level and not in anyone’s way.  Below Kristy, Matt and Lauren were walking toward The Palms so I could show them something new inside.  🙂  That’s “mean neighbor’s” house on the corner.

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