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Dennis and Carol’s RV Adventure: This and that

From the bloggers at Dennis and Carol’s RV Adventure.

Here’s Johnny Goodrum.  He sings during the week outside.  He’s been singing at Escapees events for many years to include the Quartzsite social in January.  He’s located over at the RV displays.  Nice guy.  I fix him smoked pulled pork sandwiches whenever he does a show for the Escapees.  It doesn’t gag him too bad because he can still sing.

Here’s are rig (motorhome) before the rest of the staff came in.  Mark’s rig and red trailer is  behind us and Sky’s is all the way to the right.  Not crowded yet….. We run a hose of our grey water under Mark’s rig.  He thinks the smell is from the horse stalls next to him.

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