Friday , September 15 2017
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Dennis and Carol’s RV Adventure: Next

From the bloggers at Dennis and Carol’s RV Adventure.

I started the day off by getting up at 6 a.m. vice my 4 a.m.  Had a cup of coffee while a little electric heater ran on my feet.  Hey, it was 60 degrees outside and 68 inside and I my feet were cold (tile floor) ..why not use the heater.

I started off by washing the front windshield of the rig  since it’s really not dirty just dusty.  Then I cleaned my shiny wheels of course.

Next was to get the roof sat dish stored down when it’s apart.  That was entertaining.  You can see the twisted metal in the middle of the picture.  Part of the metal was broke off too.  Non-repairable without the replacement extension for sure.

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