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Dennis and Carol’s RV Adventure: Return to the basics

From the bloggers at Dennis and Carol’s RV Adventure.

It’s a Crops Of Engineer Park called Sandy Creek.  It’s off route 190 here in Texas between Woodville and Jasper.  We got 50 AMP and electric for $9 with the Golden Access Pass.  True we can’t use the 50 AMP but there’s more selection of campsites when I paid the extra $1. The asphalt driveway was level enough too!It’s close to the water and pretty quiet.

It’s windy as hell and it’s keeping the fishermen off the water so you know it’s bad.  This is a fishing campground for sure and with kids.  Most of the campsites are taken but very few people outside due to the wind/cold.  We are here to see what’s it like for us both to be in this camper.  You know, it’s not as bad as we thought especially having the slide out.  We have plenty of inside storage.  It’s the counter space around the stove and sink that is lacking.  I would say that’s pretty normal for a camper this size (actual 25 ft).

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