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Dead Spin: A van man shows you how to dude it

From the writers at Dead Spin.

Stephan Shay has de rigueur facial hair. He can be found in Southern California coffee shops, sometimes wearing a beanie. He’s tan. He’s fit. He wakes up to the sound of waves playing on southern California sand, and takes road trips up and down the coast.

He also has a 1993 BMW, a job, a bank account, and just found out he qualified for the 2016 US Olympic Marathon Trials.

What’s wrong with that picture?

I got Stephan (pronounced STEF-in, not ste-FON) on the horn to suss out this mythical dude lifestyle. It was worse than I thought. He’s also banking 1000 clams a month by not paying rent, recouped his original investment in a year, and has been trotted out as an example of how to live lightly on this earth. He’s found his mojo, his jam, his chi.

To read the full story by Dead Spin, click here.

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