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Dash cams

Dash cams: A new fad or an RVing necessity?

Editor’s note: This information is provided by TechnoRV.com.

So what is all the craze about dash cameras? Is this just a fad, like the Rubik’s Cube, bell bottoms, or pet rocks?

I don’t think so. Police departments have been using dash cams for the past decade and with technology improvements you can get a quality dash cam at a very affordable price point.

There are two reasons an RVer should have a dash cam. First, there are so many memorable moments that happen while we are traveling, and often times these moments happen when we least expect it.

Have you ever been behind the wheel and a big moose walks out in front of you? How about a bear? Or just maybe there is a nice mountain landscape ahead. Well, depending on where you travel, there are all kinds of memories that we would love to capture while we are driving, and with a dash cam running at all times you know you will have that moment captured.

The second reason to have a dash cam is to document any incidents/accidents that may occur while on the road. Whether it be another vehicle pulling in front of you and causing an accident or to prove that you didn’t run that red light, a dash cam will document it all.

So now that you know why you should document every mile of your trip, now you have to decide which dash cam you should get.

I have been testing dash cams for the past three months, and there are some really pitiful dash cams out there as it relates to quality. Interestingly, the box that the low quality dash cams come in are the best part of the dash cam. Flashy pictures and promises of high quality video, but unfortunately the quality is so bad that the aggravation from the experience is not worth the cheap cost.

I have looked past the marketing departments of the dash cam companies and focused on performance. I have arrived at what I think is the best dash cam on the market for the price.

The Whistler dash cam has exceeded my expectation. Whistler is a solid company that has been an innovator and has patented important product advances resulting in first-to-market accomplishments.

What I have found about the Whistler dash cams is that they are easy to use and are built with quality components. You can tell by holding one of these dash cams that they are put together with quality parts — no wimpy plastic here.

The window mounts are easy to use, the charging components are solid, and the picture quality is top notch. I want my dash cam to be a no hassle piece of equipment, and the Whistler brand is just that. Set it up and forget it.

TechnoRV sells three different Whistler dash cams. Take your pick and be confident in knowing you are getting a dash cam that will last you a very long time.

To view details of the three Whistler dash cams or to purchase one of them at TechnoRV, click here.

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