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Towing tragedy

Dash cam video shows towing tragedy

A trucker’s dash camera video shows what happens when people don’t pay attention to towing safety, said Walter Cannon, executive director of the RV Safety Education Foundation, told me the other day.

To view the video, click here or watch below.

I asked Walter to watch the video and explain what might have lead to the accident, and to describe what to do if an RVer encounters such a scary situation.

“When the trailer starts to sway, the first thing the driver should have done was reach down and apply the override on the trailer brake controller and hold it until he got the trailer under control,” said Cannon.

He also made some other observations, including:

  • ST tires are speed rated at 65 mph, it appears he was traveling at a greater speed then that and most likely would have had tire trouble later had he not had the accident.
  • It is hard to tell for sure, but the travel trailer does not appear to have sway control bars installe.
  • The rack on back of the RV appears to be carrying a load that would off load weight on tongue and would guarantee a sway issue.
  • It’s also hard to tell from the video, but it appears the driver was not using the equalizing bars correctly.
  • The driver was not ready for the forces that are created when passing another vehicle.
  • It’s hard to determine if this truck and trailer were properly matched for weight issues

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