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Daily Press: Head for Alabama Hills for an inexpensive RV adventure

From the writers at Daily Press.

Russ and Lori would like to thank our readers for their questions and requests. We answer every one so don’t be shy. Winter camping still seems to be the most requested question that we get these days. The words “free camping” come up often as well. Many folks still want to travel north from the High Desert, yet don’t want the concerns of snow or ice to deal with in their RV travels. It’s hard to have it all, but with this next location we are getting as close as we can to it all.

Lone Pine has been discussed before, but we want to focus on the Alabama Hills, just outside of Lone Pine. At an altitude of 4,789 feet, you are just heading into the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It can get really cold in the winter, and some snow or ice is possible. Highway 395 is right at your front door. Heading south to come home sees a drop in elevation in a matter of a few miles. If the weather starts getting ‘iffy’, you can head south and have no worries. This is Bureau of Land Management territory, and camping is free for as far as the eye can see.

Free dispersed camping with such an amazing view can’t be matched anywhere. You will be camping on locations where literally hundreds of movie and television scenes were shot over decades. The history of this area is phenomenal. You can get information in Lone Pine to take a self-guided tour of the movie and television locations.

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