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Daily Press: Finding the right camping unit for vacation

From the writers at The Daily Press.

Do you want to experience camping, yet are not sure of which type of camping unit best suits your needs? Let’s explore what is available out there for you.

First, any budget can accommodate what gets you to the camping experience. It doesn’t matter if you travel with a fifty dollar tent or a million dollar motor home; the view when you get there is exactly the same. Russ and Lori started out with an eight foot dome tent along with our two children and two dogs. We always had a great time.

Most important, is to be familiar and know your equipment. Be it a small pop up trailer to the largest motorhome; know the capacities and limits of your vehicles. Towing a trailer or driving a motorhome is far and away different from driving your daily passenger car. The vehicles are heavier, longer, and require a driving style that is safe for whatever RV you are in. Tim Marrinan at I 15 RV in Hesperia is an expert in the field, and is happy to help you with your RV driving or towing questions.

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