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Daily Press: Preperation is key to good eating while camping

From the writers at Daily Press.

Regardless if you are a camper or not, both campers and non-campers certainly have things in common. How about food being one of them? Russ and Lori have been asked about fun, easy, tasty, and unique food to bring and prepare for a camping trip. These are meals that are easily prepared at home as well. We will discuss some of these meal ideas, as well as easy storage ideas for food to be taken on the road for a camping trip.

Carrying food supplies is not difficult with some easy planning. Ziploc bags are going to be your very good friend. They come in several sizes. You can pack twice as much in Ziploc bags in a given space than you can with solid shaped snap top containers. Use the double seal type bags. Perishable food needs to stay cold. Freeze as much as you can in the storage bags. Less ice will be required in the cooler. Foods like eggs, milk, or oil-based should not be frozen, as they will crystalize. In the ice chest, pack the unfrozen foods that you will be using that day or the next. This gives you thawing time for the other foods to be used later.

Now, let’s plan our meals. How much cooking do you want to do? Think about the weather that is expected where you will be camping. Will you be cooking in an RV, or outside over the campfire grill or outside stove? Think of what kinds of camping cookware you may need. Make a list while planning your meals at home.

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