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Daily Press: The ins and outs of renting a RV

From the writers at The Daily Press.

Russ and Lori have had many inquiries from people interested in RV travel. Some are not too sure that this is an investment they want to dive into without being sure. Indeed, this will be an investment that takes much thought and consideration. With that in mind, we thought it appropriate to give you information on renting an RV for a few trips. You may want to explore different types of RV styles before deciding which one is for you.

First, let’s decide what RV is best for you to rent. The ‘Class A ‘is the bus type RV. They generally are the largest, and take some time to get used to driving. The driver’s position in the vehicle can give the driver a sense that they are in a proper position in their lane, when maybe they are not. Although very easy to drive, there are distinct differences such as turn radius, cornering, lane changing, and the use of side mirrors almost exclusively. Your rig may have a backup or rear vision camera display, but there are no rear view mirrors as we have in our daily driver vehicles. Being aware of the length of the RV is imperative for lane changing.

The ‘Class C ‘is an RV that is mated to a van type of chassis. You are seated as one normally would be in a van. The ‘Class C’ is usually smaller than a Class A, but there are a few exceptions. The driver and front seat passenger are lower to the ground, giving a more ‘normal’ driving experience for a novice RV driver than the Class A would.

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