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Daily KOS: Save the planet — be a fulltime RVer

From the bloggers at Daily KOS.

Five years ago I retired, and my wife and cat and I quit living in a regular house, taking up a nomadic existence in a campervan. I know the scenery is much better and the economic overhead is a lot lower than sedentary existence, but then I got to wondering – what is my energy consumption and carbon footprint now that I’m fulltiming compared to when I was still living in a sticks and bricks house?

I know I’m using less, but I never sat down and estimated it. Let’s see what we can figure out from the data I have.

One thing I discovered after a year or two of fulltiming was that I drive almost exactly as many miles per year as I did when we were living in a house.

This may seem surprising, but think about it. Soon after we got the campervan but I was still working, my wife discovered how much more comfortable and convenient traveling in the RV was than traveling in a regular car, so we pretty much parked the car, and went everywhere in the campervan – my work commute, family visits around the state, plus two marathon vacations a year.

Total was about 16,000 miles a year. Now that we’re fulltiming, we do one long lazy loop around the continent and end up where we started – in Florida for the holidays.  Again, the total is about 16,000 miles a year. We see much more countryside than before, but our travels are all one way – we don’t zoom out and back like when we were stationary. Therefore, vehicle fuel use is a wash.

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