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Cycling News - Mike and Mary

Cycling News: Full-time RV living and racing bikes

From Cycling News magazine:

Mary and I made our return to Europe in mid April and were greeted by the bright early spring of southern Germany. We wasted no time in building up our bikes, packing our gear into a sweet little RV and heading directly to the races.

Having lived out of short term rentals while traveling heavily for the early part of the season, Mary and I immediately felt a sense of well being as we moved into the comfortable confines of our little camping car.

RV travel and living is clearly not the “end all” ideal for everyone, but for sure it has become the favorite method for Mary and I to live and support ourselves throughout extended travel/race trips. To have the freedom to move with little hassle and stay without pre-booking, luxuriate in preparing our own food, and keep our tools and equipment handy, all go a long way to keep us on a good track.

The past years have given us a good chance to refine our full time camper living techniques and we are really happy to have the opportunity to put our knowledge to the test as we participate in some of the great MTB bike events throughout Europe.

To read the full story about Mary McConneloug and Mike Broderick’s adventure across Europe, click here.

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