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Curbed: How I survived a tiny home vacation — with two kids

From the bloggers at Curbed.

I’m not a tiny person. I have a big laugh, a tall frame, and a passion for adventure. I don’t do anything small; I throw dinner parties for twenty-five of my closest friends, I overdo it on my kids’ Christmas presents, and I research and plan big-time trips. If you told me I could survive—hell, live happily—in less than 250 square feet, I would have scoffed. That’s impossible for someone like me: an adventurer, a writer, a mom to two kids and two dogs, all of whom need constant attention, a ton of gear, a room of our own, and (I thought) plenty of space.

But two weeks ago, my family and I trekked from our 1,600-square-foot home in Denver, Colo., to Mt. Hood, Ore., about one hour east of Portland. Up a windy, forested highway lies the Mt. Hood Tiny House Village, an RV campground that has installed five tiny homes available for nightly rentals.

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