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CTV News: Summer road trips – top spots from across Canada

From the bloggers at CTV News.

According to a recent survey from Ebates.ca, a leader in online cash back shopping, almost three-quarters of Canadians will take a road-trip style vacation this year.

I am not totally surprised by the results as relatively cheap gas prices at the pumps and a weak Canadian dollar should, one would think, make a road trip this summer’s go to vacation.

However there are other reasons according to Ebates; “the ability to see sights along the way, not just at your destination” (63 percent); followed by the “freedom to take unexpected detours” (52 percent); “more flexibility in your schedule overall” (50 percent); a belief that it “can be less expensive” (49 percent), and desire for a “sense of adventure” (41 percent).

Even RVing is seeing a big swing in interest. Parks Canada experts have put together a list of some of the best RV destinations where visitors can escape from the city and connect with nature.

To read the full story by CTV News, click here.

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