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Creating possibilities in New Mexico

Norm and I have been married nearly 36 years and he has always provided well for us. However, because every spare penny is being spent on our house, he refuses to spend money to see a play or attend a concert.

I yearn for culture, but in Norm’s eyes, our culture these days consist of listening to a recorded book.

I recently changed that and got my culture fix! Of course I did it without Norm. I attended my first ever art show at Nopalitos Galeria in Las Cruces, N.M.

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The show featured the work of just one artist; a local, emerging artist enjoying her first ever show. What a coincidence that is was the first show for both of us. I left there so inspired! This small town Wisconsin girl now envisions having her own art show.

My afternoon did not end there. Old Mesilla has several galleries and even though it was Sunday afternoon, I was able to stroll through a couple of them.

I love to craft and often use nature in my creations, but the galleries in Old Mesilla also gave me the idea of using my photographs as fine art. After all, I need to find a way to use the new telephoto lens that Norm just spoiled me with. I became totally engrossed with the possibilities.

Looking around, I realized that a person cannot travel too far in Las Cruces and not be confronted with art in one form or another. We have been in this area all winter and it took this long for me to figure that out.

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From mosaic tiled sign posts to painted wall murals, there is a medium for everyone. Heck, they even paint the water tanks here. No canvas is left untouched.

My immersion in the art world of Las Cruces has come to an end with Norm’s return from the Zuni Mountains, but I take with me the inspiration of many of the local artists. The nice part of my time creating possibilities; it was inexpensive.

The galleries I attended did not have a cover charge, instead, they charge the artists a portion of their sales to fund the store’s overhead. As long as I left empty handed, Norm’s money was still intact. Leaving inspired was enough for me and now, even days later I am creating so many possibilities for my future in the art world.

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