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Crazy Family Adventure: How we afford full time family travel

From the bloggers at Crazy Family Adventure.

I know everyone wants to know how we afford full time family travel with 4 kids and 2 dogs. I know I want to know when we see other families living this life, so here you go. I will be as transparent as possible in explaining how we are learning to afford this lifestyle. I say learning because I don’t think we have it all figured out yet.

First and foremost we lowered our burn rate. Your burn rate is the amount of money that you spend each month.

Our bills for full time family travel

Here is a look at our set monthly bills:
RV payment: $533 a month
Car payment: $320 a month
Insurance: $170 a month:

(RV, car, and our stuff – since we don’t have home owners insurance, we have a policy on the items in our RV since the RV insurance does not cover that).
My cell phone: $160

Since I use it for work I opted for a Verizon plan since I wanted the best coverage – now I am regretting it and wishing I had stayed on my old plan which was StraightTalk. I’m looking to potentially lower this by $100 and go with a prepaid Verizon phone.
Craig’s cell phone: $49

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