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Cranston Herald: Getting ready for a cross-country summer adventure

From the bloggers at The Cranston Herald.

Way before taking this trip, we began thinking about the idea of taking a cross-country trip with our family: the two of us, three double-digit daughters, one crazy Shih Tzu and one noisy African Clawed Frog.

This isn’t something you just up and do one day without lots and lots of forethought and planning. As a family, we travel across the country every few years or so. We have family in California, so we were out there in 2004, 2007 and 2010, and we were ready to make the trip again in 2015. We also have family in Virginia, so when we’re not visiting California, we’re heading to the D.C. area.

Early in the winter of 2014, we started to consider the idea of traveling cross-country by car in order to see what we normally only fly over when we head to California, and including in the trip our usual Virginia visit as well. We contemplated taking almost the entire summer to see the country, with California as our mid-way stopping point. We both are lucky enough that our jobs allow for this type of trip. I can work from the road, and my husband can work remotely if need be, but he can also arrange his vacation days in the summertime. We mulled it over in our minds, talking about it a great deal between us to see if we thought we could make it work, and if so, exactly how we would make it work.

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