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Cranston Herald: An early start, and a taste of the south

From the bloggers at The Cranston Herald.

After a whirlwind, busy three months of decorating, stocking, prepping and organizing during our last weeks of the school year, we’d taken two trial trips – one for a night, and one for three days – and we were as ready to go as we could be.

We’d figured out how things worked, and fixed the things that didn’t. We’d figured out our routes and made several of our campsite reservations. Ready or not, we were leaving, and we’d attack any issues we encountered along the way as best we could.

We had the Cranston Police Department on alert with their Vacation Check program, and they’d be regularly patrolling our area, providing an extra set of eyes in addition to the people we’d lined up to watch the house while we were gone. As soon as school ended for us, we started to really focus on packing. Piles of stuff grew and grew, filling our foyer and living room and stairway. Each trip out to the camper, we’d grab a bag of stuff and load it in, making sure everything had a specific place to be put away when we did.

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