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Columbia Basin Herald: More travel trailer tips

From the bloggers at Columbia Basin Herald.

We work as a team to back the trailer in place. The backing chore is much easier than in the beginning. We haven’t yelled at each other during this process for about three years now.

Our set-up time take around 30 minutes. Garnet works on the inside as I connect the sewer, electricity and water. The stabilizers are extended, the Ram disconnected and the tongue lowered to a level position.

There are gobs of accessories for use on travel trailers and we have a few of them. One of the most useful for us is a T-type of device to hook up the water supply. The hookup to the park water is in the middle, with the water supply to the trailer on one end. The other end is a regular water faucet. This enables me to supply water to the trailer on one end and have water available outside the trailer by simply turning the faucet handle.

A new trick was learned while watching a neighboring trailer prepare to depart a campsite. The driver backed up onto the back chock in order to remove the front chock. He said it made the trailer much more stable.

The procedure was reversed upon arrival. The back chock was put in place, the trailer backed hard into it, the emergency brake applied, the front chock put in place and the emergency brake released. This procedure will be applied on our first camping trip.

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