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Coach-Net: I go where I’m towed

From Coach-Net:

Towing a vehicle behind an RV can be a fairly complex undertaking, which is not always apparent at the outset.

In the early days of dinghy towing, things were much simpler; tow dollies were more common, tow bars were basic welded A-frames, and supplemental braking requirements and systems were unheard of.  Motorhomes were much smaller and tended to be both underpowered as well as under-designed, and diesels were rare, so towing was not common.

I remember occasionally seeing a motorhome towing a Volkswagen beetle or similarly small vehicle with one of the aforementioned tow bars. Times have changed, and instead of simply bolting a tow bar to the front of a vehicle and removing the driveshaft, many things have to be taken into consideration before a “toad” is ready for the road, including the method of towing.

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