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CNET - Thermacel

CNET: Camping lantern promises force field against bugs

From CNET:

Ah! You’ve arrived at your campsite, the fire is going and it’s time to sit back in your comfy camp chairs and rela — um, what was that? And that? And that!

As the black flies descend and you run to your gear box to find some DEET to slather yourself with, you start to wonder why you didn’t choose to stay home and watch an episode of “Man Vs Wild” instead of venturing out into the pest-ridden woods yourself.

Next time, you might want to take a new lantern from Thermacell with you. It uses a butane cartridge to heat a pad containing Allethrin, a synthetic version of the substance a chrysanthemum flower puts out as a natural repellent. As the repellant is vaporized and released into the air around you, it creates a 15×15-foot zone of protection from pests all around you, according to the manufacturers.

To read the complete review at CNET, click here.

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