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Cincinnati Refined: Rent this ‘tiny home’ for $150 per night

From the writers at Cincinnati Refined

Alright, I’ve gotta start with a confession (ya feel me, Usher?): I’ve spent an embarrassing number of hours binge-watching all the tiny home shows. My commentary includes phrase like:

“The stairs double as storage — brilliant.”
“Wait… where did that bed appear from?”
“I could totally be a minimalist.”
“Yikes, my clothes would never fit in that closet.”

Whoa… sorry, got a bit carried away there. Let me back up a bit to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Some say a “tiny home” is classified as a home smaller than 400 square feet. Others suggest it can be a bit bigger. Some think it has to have the ability to be mobile, while others think a tiny foundation is acceptable.

To read the full story by Cincinnati Refined, click here.

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