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Christmas on the road

One of the more interesting things about traveling full time is the holidays. Most people are used to family parties starting around Thanksgiving and going through New Years.

That was definitely us. Both my wife and I come from big families, so we always had to juggle the family parties and seeing all of our friends during that time. Now it’s a bit different. We haven’t been home for Christmas in two years as we’ve been too far from our hometown to drive back for the holidays.


This has been a challenge for us, our kids, and definitely our family and friends. While we love being on the road and experiencing new destinations, being away from friends and family, especially this time of year, is rough.

We are lucky enough to travel occasionally with my wife’s parents and her sister’s family, so we definitely make a point to be together during the holidays. This makes it a bit easier, but there are a lot of people in our family that we miss during this time.

Celebrating on the road brings new experiences and new traditions. For example, this year on Thanksgiving, we spent it on the Las Vegas Strip and had burgers and beer at the Beerhaus just outside of New York-New York. So rather than the usual turkey and football, it was bar food and blackjack. Not a bad trade off.

Now, we have a small artificial tree that we decorate in the RV rather than the 9 foot real tree we always used to buy at our house. Man, is it nice not having to remember to water it.

My father-in-law packed up his Santa suit into his RV, so the jolly dude himself always makes a campground appearance. Last year we were in the Florida Keys for Christmas and it was about 90 degrees out when my father-in-law comes out in the suffocating suit.


The other campers must have thought it was put on by the campground, so they all came running out with their kids to meet Santa and get a picture. One family even asked my father-in-law if it was ok for their son to sit on Santa’s lap so Santa himself could give the boy the present he wanted so much. What a great memory that was!

So while we miss our old traditions of celebrating Christmas with friends and family, we’re making new traditions and great memories by celebrating on the road and meeting new friends along the way.

Wherever you are planning on celebrating the holidays this year, we wish you the warmest season’s greetings!

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